Ninja Wallet Credit Card Sized Multitool

Galleria Passarella, 2, 20122 Milano


The credit card-sized multitools are small enough to fit in your pocket. If you're a frequent camper or enjoy being outside, you're probably well acquainted with multi-tools. To train you for survival scenarios, they usually include several knives, saws, pliers, and even fire starters. Multi-tools are ideal for someone who needs to be able to perform minor repairs quickly. However, just because you aren't especially handy or adventurous doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in a multi-tool like a ninja wallet. It's possible that you can think in smaller terms.


The best pocket or keychain multi-tools can get you through the situations you're most likely to face in your everyday life, such as cutting open a box, opening a bottle, or performing simple grooming tasks like filing your nails. Many of the most commonly used techniques can be carried on a keychain. However, if you've run out of keychain space or just want to add a little more flexibility to the items you carry in your pocket, a credit-card-sized multi-tool is worth considering. They're just slightly thicker than a credit card or identification card, but many of them can perform more than a dozen tasks. They're small enough to slip into your wallet sleeves or slip into your pocket.


Many people's first question about a multi-tool is how many features it has. However, a more pressing question is how well this method performs them. It'll be like a ninja wallet if a tool is flimsy or awkwardly positioned. It isn't having any of it. Don't be fooled by the cartoonish design; the Ninja Wallet is a serious weapon. It has 18 different roles, some of which you might expect and some of which you might not. Bottle, box, and can openers are included, as well as various hex wrenches for unscrewing nuts and bolts. The tool has a screwdriver on each corner, including one for tightening loose eyeglass screws. It's made of tough steel but small enough to fit in a wallet pocket.


Pros: A wide range of tools are available, including bottle, box, and can openers. Screwdrivers and wrenches are also included. Since there are no real blades, it complies with TSA regulations.

Cons: Certain functions are less useful than others, such as the wrenches.